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Monday, June 20, 2005

Adventure: Eye for an Eye

Across the Plains

This adventure starts with the characters coming back to the Tooth & Nail after completing the Souls & Graverobbers adventure. This adventure is not as detailed since I'm letting it be more open ended. But the adventure idea's are still here.

After completing the mission and recieving the 200 gold coin reward (if they complete it), Geofram the local noble asks the PC's if they would be willing to help escort a one of his caravans to the city of West Harbor that lies on the coast of Bretonnia, in which Geofram will pay a standard mercenary fee of 20 gc for that week of travel. The PC's leave with the caravan which is made up of 3 wagons which are filled with crates. If asked, the crates are full of pottery which is being sent to West Harbor and then taken via ship to another destination in Estalia. There are 2 guards that occumpany the PC's as well as 3 drivers. They are supposed to meet a Stephan Micket at the Black Hand Trading Company, and from there on their service has ended. Micket will pay the PC's 20 gc per.

Caravan Guard
WS: 30% , BS: 30% , T: 3 , S: 3 , W: 8, M: 4 , FEL: 30%, WP: 35% A: 1
Equipment: Full leather suit, longsword, crossbow, dagger, horse.

Caravan Driver
WS: 24% , BS: 22% , T: 3 , S: 3 , W: 6 M: 4 , FEL: 25%, WP: 35% A: 1
Equipment: Leather vest, longsword.

As the PC's start their journey, its relatively safe. Nothing happens within the first 2 days of travel along the main road. On the 3rd day they encounter 8 highwaymen. The leader is Charleton Wildthorn a local roughian of West Harbor (Which is actually in the service of Lady De'Winter). The PC's will watch as Charleton wipes his sweaty forhead with a red cloth, and then he puts the cloth around his waste, its a red sash. They ask for a passing fee of 100 gold coins. If they PC's accept and pay, they will bump it up to 100 gold coins per wagon (300 gold coins). If the PC's pay, the highwaymen will leave for the time being, but attack 1 day later. If the PC's do not pay, the highwaymen will attack while Charleton remains in the back. If the highwaymen lose the battle, Charleton will flee on his horse (if pursued another 2 highwaymen will attack with bow's from a nearby hill.

Once the PC's get to West Harbor, they see a city bristling with people (2500 people). They will see many shops, including:

  1. The Hand & The Hammer Armory - Normal weapons and armor sold here, as well as some items from other nations. Such as a fine Estalian longsword.
  2. The Crosswind Tarvern - A middle class tavern filled with adventurers and city folk from all over the nearby world. There are only a couple of rooms available for the PC's, each room is 1 gc each night. Included in the room is a standard bed, night table with candle, a lock on the door and window. There are 2 bathing rooms down the hall, one for males and one for females. In the bathing rooms are a servant, nice soaps, shaving items, and nice towels.
  3. The Black Hand Trading Company - This is a large warehouse building located near the docks, alot of merchandise moving from the warehouse to the ships that are docked there.
  4. Constable Fredrick Rikel's Mansion - This is a nice looking 4 level building with white pillars, a nice garden in the front which includes a small fountain. The lower level of the mansion is the constable's offices in which are currently occupied by 6 deputies and the local Constable Rikel.
  5. The Silver Serpent - This is a house full of wenches from all locations of the nearby world. This worn building has an advertising sign in the front which is painted with black paint. On the sign reads "Wenches only 5 gold for 1 hour!". A few really attractive yet sleezy women hang around the front of the building promoting themselves for business.

Charleton's Highwayman
WS: 34% , BS: 32% , T: 3 , S: 4 , W: 8 M: 4 , FEL: 35%, WP: 35% A: 1 Equipment: Leather vest, longsword.

Charleton Wildthorn
WS: 44% , BS: 35% , T: 3 , S: 4 , W: 10 M: 4 , FEL: 45%, WP: 42% A: 1 Equipment: Leather vest, chain shirt, longsword.


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