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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adventure: The Long Road North

While the PC's stay in West Harbor, they will see Charleton with 6 armed guards and 4 of his own highwaymen walking down the street, the PC's will see this from inside the tavern. Charleton is seen putting up wanted posters of the PC's, assuming the PC's are looking at what he's doing. A old man named Malcom who is standing near them will tell them about how the town fell apart after Lord Tyron (a local lord) died a few months ago, then these gangs started running rampant. He will also tell them about the local magistrate and constable having mysterious deaths, the magistrate hung himself and the constable was slain while chasing down a criminal. Now the Lady has put her own pawns into power as replacements. Malcom's own daughter was taken a month ago (starts sobbing), and he hasn't seen her sense. Last he heard, is that she was condemned as a criminal and sold to a lord to the north. Malcom stands and starts heading back to his table, saying he is tired and must rest.

The trip to the north will take 5 days. On the 3rd day, they will encounter a bandit camp about 1 mile off to the west, near the oceans edge. When they get closer, they will see where the foundation of a large building once stood, and the bandit camp is in the middle. The building is hard to see, its covered in foliage and overgrown tree's. There are 6 bandits standing around along with 8 horses. 2 of the bandits squeeze themselves in what appears to be a small hole in the ground. (there are already 2 more bandits on the inside). The PC's will notice 6 other groups farther off in the distance in which they appear to be scavenging the land. Each group has about 6-12 people.

One of the bandits will say that the PC's may overhear is.. "Can't believe we found it this close, she sure is going to be pleased with us!".. The other bandit says "Yea, I bet we get gold and women for this!".

(Build Map) The hole in the ground actually leads to a tomb of a long dead and buried heroine. The PC's need to use the rope to get down, its about 40 feet down. When they enter, the interior looks old and decayed. They enter into a large barren room that bares a 20 foot tall decayed statue of what appears to be a valkyrie holding a sword and the other hand is empty, but as if it should be clasping something. Behind the statue is a hallway. Down the hallway voices can be heard, they appear to be arguing.

Down the hall is a room which appears to be quite large with 6 giant pillars, several large cracks are in the walls. Through out the large room is 6 statues per wall, the statues are of women holding stone staves. In the middle of the room is another smaller stone statue of a woman on her knee's with her hands out. Laying across the statue's hands is a stone staff embroidered with blue gems (if kept worth 100 gold). The bandits are hunched over what appears to be a large stone pedestal in front of the statue. On the pedestal is a dusty white book (actually brilliant white if cleaned), which appears to be closed with a lock.

When the staff is placed in the statues hand, a brilliant blue-ish white light beams out from the stone staff. The room starts to shake, pieces of debri from the walls and ceiling fall (1D5 chance of someone being hit for 1D10 damage). The statue begins to ascend upward, until a coffin appears in it (the base is cylindar shape with a hollow square shape cut through it). If the PC's open the coffin (the book might tell the player to open it), they will see that its empty, except for:

((Depending on who's playing))
A dust covered cloak(s) which has wrapped up in it:
A encrusted longsword
A encrusted double bladed axe
A encrusted bow

These items actually have the following stats, even when dirty. But when clean they are as the following.

The Dark Grey Cloak
This grey cloak looks extremely well made, it has a white emblem of a scale on the back.
Abilities: None

The Silver Cloak
This dark silver cloak looks extremely well made, it has a white emblem of a scale on the back.

The Green Cloak
This green cloak looks extremely well made, it has a white emblem of a scale on the back.

The Silver Longsword
This longsword has a silver hilt, with a silver blade with a green-ish hint. The hilt is shaped like the valkyrie statue without sword and shield.
Abilities: +2 dmg.

The Black and Silver Great Axe
This axe has a rune on the handle. The axe of made of a black metal with 2 silver blades. The axe gives off a slight red glow.
Abilities: This weapon has the slow and impact qualities. This axe gives the user the option to Frenzy.

Frenzy takes 1 round to start, user babbles and foams at the mouth. +10% Strength, +10% Willpower, -10% WS, -10% Intelligence.

The Silver Bow
This bow looks almost like a tree branch turned silver. There is no string attached, nor a place to put a string. When the user pulls back as if pulling back an arrow, a magical blue string forms as well as a magical energy arrow with a blue-ish hue.
Abilities: This bow needs no ammo, but has 20 charges per day. Strength 3, range 24/48. This weapon has armor piercing. -1 AC to target.


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