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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Adventure: Vengeance of Blood

An Old Man's Wish

Each PC travels the countryside in search for any type of well paying job. They meet up for the first time at Sleepy Vale while staying at the "Tooth & Nail" tavern. When they get to town, they notice a strong scent of burnt wood, and they see a building burnt to the ground. It happens to be the local church. An old man posts a sign saying "Graverobbers & Vandal's" wanted, which also gives a notice of a 10 gold per head reward for bringing the graverobbers in dead or alive. The old man is Geofram Tilborn, a local magistrate in charge of Sleepy Vale.

Geofram will talk with the PC's for a couple minutes, providing them with details of the crimes committed. Geofram will tell the group about a series of graverobberies and the extortion of Sleepy Vale by a local bandit gang. The gang is simply called "The Red Fang". Geofram says that he believes that they came from the north, but he is uncertain. He also says that the church was burned down because he refused to pay them a "protection fee" of 500 gold coins per month. He also states that the gang usually wears a red sash.

When the PC's start traveling north through the forest, they will find an old unused road that appears to be overgrown with grass. Although, there are fresh tracks leading north (the gang). Eventually, in about 4 days they will find a clearing in the woods, there are 4 tents the surround a large campfire. To the side of the camp are 3 wagons and 6 horses. 2 of the wagons contain food, weapons and equipment, and 4 barrels of oil, 1 barrel of gunpowder. The other wagon is covered with bars like a big cage, inside is Sharon a villager from Shady Vale. Sharon has been recently kidnapped. The local lord that she has been kidnapped for is Lord Grimwald (Vampire), he lives in his keep to the north of West Harbor.

As the PC's get closer, they will discover 10 bandits. (Use merc template for NPC's). These are the bandits that the group is after. In one of the tents is a chest, the chest contains 50+1D10 gold coins, 2 rings (10 gc per), 1 necklace (15 gc). If Sharon is returned to her family, the family will give 4 gold pieces for her return, its all they can afford. Her family looks like poor farmers.


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