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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

WFRP2 - Tournament House Rules - Jousting, Hand-to-Hand, and Archery

Been thinking about this, and wondering if anyone's come up with their own set of rules when regarding a joust between 2 knights. So far I was thinking this:

Unhorse your opponent = 3 points
points Strike the head = 2 points
points Strike the chest/arms = 1 point

When a knight is aiming for the head of another knight, they suffer a -20% WS Penalty. If they are aiming for anything but the horse, they suffer a -10% penalty (anything above the legs). If they choose to suffer no penalty and randomly strike the other knight, they have a chance to hit the enemies horse by rolling the leg locations of the opponent by accident (Knight's legs = horse). In order to unhorse the other opponent, a PC must roll 10% or less, and then make a strength test vs the opponents strength. If successful, the opponent is unhorsed. If not, the strike will be struck in its original target (IE: If you were already aiming for the head, it will strike the head).

A roll of 96-100% is a critical failure, if a knight rolls this the knight needs to make an agility check or fall off his horse, which will count as a unhorsed hit by the opponent.

I think its pretty simple to use, not complicated.

The PC and NPC will enter the circle, and proceed to do standard combat. Instead of damage being delt a score system is used, the scores will be handled as:

Head Strike: 2 points
Body Strike: 1 point

A PC may decide to purposely aim for the head for a -20% WS penalty. The PC's and NPC's may dodge and parry as normal. No shields permitted.

The PC and NPC will line up on the firing range, and proceed to shoot with the following point system.

Bullseye = 4 points
1st Ring = 3 points
2nd Ring = 2 point
3rd Ring = 1 point

The Bullseye has a -40% BS penalty when aiming for it. The 1st Ring has a -20% BS penalty, and the 2nd Ring has a -10% penalty and the 3rd Ring has no penalty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think aiming is a particularly good way of representing accuracy for archery. You generally aim to get the arrow into the bullseye, not to hit a wring.

Accuracy can be governed by degrees of success; point scoring can thus be derived from degrees of success:

0 deg = 1 pt (hit black outermost ring)
1 deg = 2 pts (hit blue (2nd) ring)
2 deg = 3 pts (hits green (3rd) ring)
3 deg = 5 pts (hits yellow (4th) ring)
4 deg = 10 pts (hits orange (outer bullseye))
5+ deg or natural 01 on the roll = 20 pts (hits red (inner bullseye))

September 13, 2005  

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