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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Warhammer Naval & Combat Sheet Version 2

This new sheet is more quick when dealing with naval combat then the previous, yet still adding the tactical versatility of ship combat. This handles much like person to person combat, except for the fact that the ship's Captain picks a tactic instead of action type as in melee combat. Every person in a group participates, someone is the captain, and the rest are the gunners assuming there are enough cannons (or other forms of artillery).

Right Click & Save As to Download: WFRP2 Ship Sheet Version 2
(Note: If it doesn't work, try again in a day. May have reached daily bandwidth limit.)

The way it works, is:

1. Captain's declare tactics
2. Captain's roll initiatives
3. Captain who rolls the highest initiative fires off their volley first (all gunners fire). Then other ship fires.
4. Damage is on a % chart included on the sheet. This is much like melee combat, but instead a ship has toughness and wounds in both the Hull and Masts.
5. Repeat

A person might ask, what if I choose to shoot a bow or something else that would be considered a quick action in between that of firing the cannons? Well, lets put it this way, a cannon is fired every 3 rounds, so the person shooting the bow would roll 3 times for every volley of cannon fire. Its quick and easy. As for cannon damage, thats up to the GM, as well as the ships toughness and wounds. For a medium ship, I would use the toughness of 6-8, and the ships hull at 100 wounds minimum (Goes pretty quick). As for the cannons, I would give them a strength of 4 minimum.


Anonymous Thad Nutting said...

Nice idea here. I've been interested in using WFRP2 for a 'big mecha' type game just for chits. Nice glad to see someone's put work into this idea and not just said "this is beyond the scope of WFRP and those seeking this level should invest in Warhammer". I mean come on, I want ships, and without cannons, I think ships are a lost cause. Probably my biggest complaints about other fantasy games out there. Thanks for the awesome blog.

December 25, 2005  
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