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Monday, July 04, 2005

Warhammer Naval Combat & Ship Sheet

Since my player's will be participating in naval combat at some point in the near future, I thought it would be wise to build a ship information sheet which keeps track of a ships toughness, wounds, and damage in various areas.

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Placement of Sheet Statistics

When first looking at the ship sheet you'll notice the following sections; Ship information, notes, hit location, forward, starboard, port, and aft. The Toughness, Wounds, and Damage aspects of each of the sides of the ship works just like normal melee combat between characters. The more reinforced the hull, the more difficult it is to damage it. Cannons are positioned on each of the sides, front and aft. The sides have a total of 8 positions for cannons each, 2 for the forward section, and 2 for the rear. Just because there are spots for cannons doesn't mean the ship has the full amount, nor any at all. Also I made cap's on how many cannons are on the sides since I don't want to keep track of 20+ cannon's, for the sake of gameplay I made the maximum of 8. Also included is a Hit Location chart, which I think its necessary since you never know what a stray cannon shot will hit the hull, sail, cannon, or a person. The Wounds are is for the maximum amount of wounds that particular part of the ship can handle before sinking. The Damage area is to keep track of how many points of destruction your ship has been through, when this matches your wounds, your ship will start sinking.


As described above the cannons already have a maximum capacity of how many cannon positions a ship can have. Under the canon section is a type and strength. The type is usually a "B" for cannon BALL, but there might be variants such as "I" for incendary, "BL" for ballista, "C" catapult, and etc. The strength is how much extra damage a particular weapon can cause besides that of the roll. When you measure cannon damage for example, its a 1D10 + STR roll to determine how much damage a part of the ship took. When hitting another person with a cannon, my rule of thumb is rolling a 1D10 x 10 + STR. Usually getting hit by a cannon ball is instant death, but you never know..


Damage is taken just as in normal person to person melee combat that you should be used to by now. When a ship takes damage from a cannon, the ship's toughness is taken into account, when a cannon does more then that of the ships toughness, then damage is taken. There isn't wounds nor toughness for damaging a cannon, if its hit its destroyed. Think of it this way, if your cannon your using is hit by another cannon ball, its going to be damaged enough not to use anyhow.

An example:

The Royal Majesty and the Dark Brood are both combat worthy warships. The Royal Majesty fires a cannon at the Dark Brood. The user of the cannon doing the shooting rolls his/her weapon skill in relation with Specialist Weapon Group (Gunpowder). He manages to roll under his WS and hits the Dark Brood on its port side (the side the ship is currently on). The user rolls a Hit Location of 43%, therefore hitting the Dark Brood in the hull. The user then rolls the damage of the weapon which is a cannon which does 1D10+3 damage, he rolls a 5 which in turn equals 8. The Dark Broods toughness is a 4, which is 4 less then what the damage rolled was. The Dark Brood now took 4 points of damage.


I made an area on the sheet which to take notes, such as ship speed or anything else that a player considers important. It should also be stated that since I wanted this to be very crunch light and cinematic, I didn't add damage tables. What I mean by that, is that I didn't add how much damage the sail could take before its deemed as useless. Alot of this is for the GM to decide on his/her own.

Sample Ship:

The Royale Majesty

Toughness 4
Wounds 40

Toughness 5
Wounds 50

Toughness 5
Wounds 50

Toughness 4
Wounds 40

Toughness 0
Wounds 40

The picture of the ship is done by an artist at which can be used for non-commercial use.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

WFRP2 Old World Bestiary Review

This review was sent into, but since I still have it in my clipboard, I might as well as paste it here for those out there that are interested.


With the coming of the fantastic game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition, comes the supplement called the Old World Bestiary. This tome is packed full of stories, rumors, pictures, knowledge, and stats for the better known beasts of the Old World.


In the first 73 pages after the introduction comes rumors and experiences told to you by numerous adventurer’s that have encountered these creatures. Reading this gives a good feeling of how dark and brooding the world can be, and also how vile some of creatures are. This portion of the supplement is for both the GM and the player‘s, for that they themselves can learn a lot of the beasts through the stories of Minotaurs from Jonas the Traveling Minstrel, Dragon Ogres from Count Matthias, and a whole lot more. I can’t emphasize enough, that the writers did an excellent job in setting the mood in this fashion, it really puts this bestiary out among the best in terms of supplements. The artwork in this portion of the book is fantastic with each picture setting a grim feel to the book.


Pages 76 to 121 are for the GM which includes stats of many monsters, including Banshees, Dire Wolves, Ghouls, Griffons, Vampires, Dragons, and a whole lot more. Also included in the beginning portion of this section is the slaughter margin, new talents, mutations, and magic. The slaughter margin is for the GM to get a feeling of exactly how “powerful” these creatures can be in relation to the playing group. To set the standard, a NPC soldier is used as a reference. The new talents seem to be more for the creatures in this book, such as Unstoppable Blows which makes it so a parry attempt is a lot more difficult when parrying the opponent. The mutations are listed on a chart, which go from Animalistic Leg’s, Fang’s, to Chaos Spawn. A total of 37 possible mutations are possible, which can also be used to making your own type of chaos spawn to do battle against the playing group, or even use it to mutate one or more of the playing group when needed. Some of these seem rather helpful, such as regeneration. The artwork is still carrying its weight and still setting that grim feel to the book.


Pages 121 to 125 has to do with mounts and small creatures, which includes warhorses, elven horses, snakes, and more.


Pages 125 to 126 has an optional hit location chart for various creatures, such as winged bipeds, avians, and more.


I would say this book is well worth the price, it’s a tome of valuable resources for any GM or player for their use in WFRP2. The stories alone are worth the buy, but I think the real reason anyone would want this is for the beast’s stats that are included within its pages, and I’ll say that it includes plenty of stats for a numerous amount of beasts as well as information about them. My only gripe about the book, is that its only 128 pages, seems a bit thin to me. But in the end, the effort put into this book really shows. If this book is this good, I can’t wait until I see the Old World Armoury which includes coinage, housing, items, and much more!

The final score is 5/4

Saturday, July 02, 2005

WFRP Music Idea's

Since alot of people seem to be wondering what good soundtracks would fit accordenly to the Warhammer world, I'll compile a list here. The ones in bold is a personal taste and I think alot of people would agree that they fit pretty darn well.

King Arthur (The new one)
Sleepy Hollow
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Lord of the Rings (all three)
Harry Potter (all three)
The Mummy
From Hell
Sum of All Fears
Hunt for the Red October
Minority Report
End of Days
Last of the Mohicans
Last Samurai
Pirates of the Caribbean
Conan the Barbarian
The 13th Warrior
Patriot Games
Dead Can Dance - Chant of the Paladin
Final Fantasy VII
Chrono Cross
Parasite Eve
John Barry's score for 'The Last Valley'
Dark Age of Reason
Cantar de Procella
Das Reingold
Die Valkyrie
The Ring
The Cell
World of Warcraft Soundtrack (Not kidding, actually very good. Has an eerie tone to it)

The link of this thread is found